Work Poop: Disgusting Website Tracks How Much People Get Paid To Poop At Work

Perhaps it's an evaluation of just how productive you are at work, or maybe it's a website that truly is crappy - but, whichever way you look at it, it's certainly a tool to help you waste time at work. Sorry employers!

Work PoopWork Poop

Work Poop helps employees calculate how much they get paid to poop. Calculating not only the money their employer spends every day while they're on the toilet, but what portion of their annual salary that equates to per year. Work Poop, it seems, used to share this data with people online, but it might not have done any favors to posters who shared their information only to be fired or questioned by their boss for their time spent on the john. Nonetheless, it is still available for those who would like to learn exactly what their crap at work costs them!


Via: TrendHunter