Workaholic Pillow Lets You Sleep Easy in Tough Economic Times

We all know real workaholics never rest, and now their secret is out: the Workaholic Pillow!

George Costanza didn't dream up the Workaholic Pillow but he'd certainly appreciate it.

Cleverly disguised in plain sight as a massive book, this "novel" way to catch a few winks on the job is within easy reach when counting rows of figures begins to have the same effect as counting sheep.

Available from Rinkya Stores of Japan for just 3,500 yen (about $36) plus shipping, the Workaholic Pillow features a deep blue cover like those college law books that so effectively sent you to slumberland back in the day. Open it up, however, and you'll find yourself staring at a double-wide foam pillow perfectly sized to hold your overworked head in a very under-the-radar way! 

Times are tough out there and not all of us work for AIG. The only bonus most of us are gonna see is an extra few minutes of shuteye, so make the most of it - while your slave-driving boss thinks you're poring over last year's statements like a good little underling.

Thanks to the Workaholic Pillow, he'll be none the wiser. Can you say "retention bonus"? I knew you could!