Working Electric Tron Light Cycle Bought By Collector Can't Be Legally Driven

Who wouldn't want to drive one of the ultra-cool electric Light Cycles from the movie Tron: Legacy? One collector did and paid a hefty sum for the pleasure. Too bad his purchase has been banned from real world roads by local authorities.

The buyer was a Mr. Yu from Nanjing, China, and according to various sources he paid between $55,000 and $120,000 not including shipping and brokerage charges – nothing to sneeze at, we assure you. Yu had every reason to be excited about his purchase: this Light Cycle wasn't any old movie prop dependent upon CGI for its getup & go.

Stated to be a replica, the motorcycle features an electric motor capable of propelling the spokeless two-wheeler at speeds of up to 120 mph (200 km/h). It takes three hours to fully charge the battery and range estimates aren't available.

Therefore it's easy to imagine Yu's shock and dismay when Nanjing's Department of Motor Vehicles refused to approve the Light Cycle, ostensibly over “safety concerns”. A less fuzzy dictum specifies motor vehicles cannot be approved for road use unless they're produced by a manufacturer legally registered in China.

Mr. Yu is putting a brave face on his predicament, insisting his legally immobile Light Cycle will still bring him profits. Just next week, for example, Yu is planning to exhibit his mean movie machine at the Chinajoy game show (a Chinese version of the Tokyo Game Show) in Shanghai. Pity he can't drive it there. (via People's Daily, CRI English, and Kotaku)