Workout Anywhere With Monkii Bars

Monkii Bars At HomeMonkii Bars At Home

When your schedule is busy or you're on vacation or a business trip, it's easy to neglect your workout schedule. You don't have time or access to a gym. Monkii Bars eliminates these excuses. With them, you can get in a quick, intense workout anywhere.

Monkii BarsMonkii Bars

Monkii Bars utilize a suspension system to allow you to get in a bodyweight workout anywhere. In storage mode, they're just a set of handles. You can throw them in a backpack, suitcase, your purse, a briefcase, just about anything, and you can take them anywhere. 

Setup is super simple. All you do is remove the plugs and line from inside the handles, attach the plug to the line, toss the plug over a support structure, thread the line through the bars and adjuster, make two wraps, adjust for length and pull tight. It takes about two minutes and then you have a workout system.

Suspended From Monkii BarsSuspended From Monkii Bars

You can use Monkii Bars just about anywhere. Set them up in a tree while on a trail run, in your hotel room while on a business trip, on a porch beam in your beach house or simply use them as a part of your in home gym. 

After you've set up the Monkii Bars, you can start working out. Do rows, pullups, suspended pushups, flyes, plank holds, pikes, muscle ups and many more exercises. 

Monkii Bars Tactical BlackMonkii Bars Tactical Black

Monkii Bars are new on the market, and right now, they're sold out of their first production run. However, you can visit the Monkii Bars website to find out more about this portable workout system or to pre-order your own to ship sometime early this year.