World Cup Fans From Japan Are A Soccer Shocker

Japan's soccer fans have never been shy, but this group seen at a 2010 FIFA World Cup match doesn't just push the envelope, it tears it a new one. This is what you get when cosplay culture combines with unbridled enthusiasm and then spills out all over the world stage. Insane pope posse? Berserk bowling pins? These guys make David "gotta support the team" Puddy from Seinfeld look like a rank amateur.

The "Gangrene of 4" was captured in full fanatic glory during Japan's 1-0 win over Cameroon last Monday, June 14th. Three of them are fully decked out in what appear to be Pope Benedict's bloodstained polo pyjamas while the fourth seems to be channeling Zippy the Pinhead on an acid trip gone terribly, horribly wrong.

According to 3yen, "These Japanese pope hats read Yamato Damashi, the traditional way to say 'Japanese awesomeness.' No argument here, and whether you think the gaudy get-ups are good, bad or something for which a term hasn't yet been invented, they ARE undeniably awesome.

I actually saw a few seconds of these fans while watching a SportsChannel recap of the game, and wondered "WTF did I just see??" Seriously, forget the boring soccer, someone needs to give this group a show of their own: call it Surreality TV. 

Let's just hope the Japanese team maintains their winning ways at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I'd hate to see this quirky quartet miserable, inconsolable or drunk... or all of the above. (via 3yen and Gawker)

Jun 18, 2010
by Steve Levenstein
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So the Pope dresses like a

So the Pope dresses like a Japanese dried squid drinking snack... awesome, who knew?