Worldfare: Gourmet Mobile Restaurant Hits The Pavement On a Bus!

Mobile restaurants of all sorts have been popping up, particularly in New York to offer unique curb side dining options for those who need to grab a quick bite. However, there is one major problem with that type of fast food option, and it's an issue for those who don't just want to grab takeout.

Worldfare Mobile RestaurantWorldfare Mobile Restaurant

The Worldfare Mobile Restaurant gives curb side diners options. They can do the typical grab and go thing, or they can hop onboard the bus, sit on the upstairs patio and order from a menu of gourmet international foods. And, best of all, to prevent messes when the bus is on the move around the city, they serve bagged drinks!

Unlike other mobile dining businesses, this is one that doesn't really serve fast food, at least not until the bus gases up and hits the pavement!

Via: Springwise

May 5, 2010
by Anonymous

Must expand nationwide

Nice novel concept, how radical.
Bring it on worldwide

Jun 9, 2011
by dinni

It's easy to understand why

It's easy to understand why these mobile restaurants are on high demand. I guess they don't have any bar equipment since they serve bagged drinks. The facts show that these restaurants are growing momentum.