World's Fastest Hotel Looks A Lot Like Vagrant Life

We've seen hotels all around the world that provide a unique, sometimes terrifying environment for patrons to rest their weary heads. Let's be honest, sometimes we've just go to wonder why anyone would willingly pay money to stay in some of these establishments (for a whole variety of reasons), but the latest tops that list.

Phoenix is the home to The World's Fastest Hotel, and you can probably come up with a million guesses regarding the type of place the name describes, and you'd be wrong with each and every one. That's because this business takes an existing idea and makes it something completely unusual, and it's mind blowing that it's a concept that could actually make money.

As you might have assumed, The World's Faster Hotel has a car theme. What you might not have gussed is that staying in this "establishment" is pretty much on par with sleeping in your car - well, depending on the wheels that you call your own. 

That's right, up to two guests can cozy up in a $118,000 Tesla Model S. So, at least you're sleeping in a luxury vehicle, even if the experience itself better resembles your vagrant college era life. You know, that time where your vehicle was your only worldly possession so you slept in it, and crashed near people's houses so you could grab a shower and a free hot cup of coffee in the morning? Well, The World's Fastest Hotel is pretty much exactly like that, except it also offers battery-powered candles and mood music (from the car's audio system).

There is a twin bed in the back of the car, so when two people sleep they don't have to do the awkward separated front seat lean thing, and they don't have to squish in the backseat of the car either. As an added awkward perk, the Tesla doesn't actually go anywhere while guests get some R&R, instead, it remains parked outside the owner's condo where the fancy amenities - like a flush toilet- are actually available. 

No world yet on what kind of numbers this business manages to pull in, but some car buffs and supporters of the strange and unusual businesses out there will probably take the glorified bed for a spin and embrace all the awkward it offers.

The owner initially started advertising the unusual hotel for $85 per night, but that price has soared depending on the day (up to about $450). The rate includes pick up and drop-off when schedules mesh. Check in is at 4pm and checkout ranges between 8am and 10am when the vehicle serves another purpose; taking its entrepreneurial owner to his day job.

If you're looking for a romantic location to stay this weekend for Valentine's Day, it could be romantic, if you like revisiting your vagrant college days with your loved one. Bring on the romance! 

Via: Huffington Post