World's First Recreational Football Launcher: Ball Cannon

Professional athletes have access to all of the top of the line equipment. For football players, there are machines that will chuck balls at them to catch However, these professional grade machines are expensive, and there were never any recreational machines on the market, until now. Ball Cannon is the world's first recreational football launcher.

Ball CannonBall Cannon

Idea Behind Ball Cannon

When Fred Hafer Jr's son was 6 years old, he wanted to get the kid a football throwing machine, but there were only professional grade machines available, and those were too expensive. They were also heavy, not conducive to being operated by a youngster and required an extra person to operate the machine, while the other person caught the balls it tossed.

After searching high and low for a football throwing machine that could be operated by one person, even if that person was just a kid, he realized that this machine didn't exist. So, he created one--he invented the Ball Cannon. 

Playing Catch With Ball CannonPlaying Catch With Ball Cannon

Hafer is owner and president of Omnitech Automation Inc, a manufacturer of automated equipment, so he had the resources to design, produce and test the Ball Cannon. After some experimenting, Hafer's team figured out how to get a consistent spiral with the launcher, and they decided they would design the machine so that it launched a foam football--much easier to catch for younger players. 

Ball Cannon Features

Besides being smaller and more portable, the biggest difference between the Ball Cannon and professional football launchers is the Ball Cannon's angle of launch. Hafer's team developed the patented curved rail launch system especially for the Ball Cannon. This system allows the cannon to launch the footballs into the air with only one person doing the operating and catching. 

Ball Cannon's ControlsBall Cannon's Controls

With Ball Cannon, you can adjust the angle of launch, so that you can catch a high pass or a straight pass, and you can adjust the distance, fro 10 feet to 100 feet. Ball Cannon also features an adjustable delay timer, so that you can get set up before the ball is launched. 

The Ball Cannon has mounted wheels in its base, so that you can wheel it around your driveway, yard, field or where ever you're using it. The unit is light enough to pick up, and it is small enough to fit in the seat of your car, so carrying it around to different locations isn't a problem. 

Rechargeable BatteryRechargeable Battery

Ball Cannon also features a 12v rechargeable battery. The battery can be removed and charged or replaced by a fully charged battery, and will power the machine for 2 hours on a full charge. The battery is similar to those used in some golf carts, but the Ball Cannon comes with it's own charger. 

Get Your Own

You can visit Ball Cannon's website to find out more information on the world's first recreational football launcher, including how to order your own. You can also check out their Kickstarter campaign, where you can not only pre-order a Ball Cannon, but get some extra goodies for your support.