World’s First Solar Powered Airport Unveiled In India

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes.

Cochin International Airport (CIA) in India is now the first solar-powered airport in the world.

The airport, located in the state of Kerala in southern India, has just scripted a unique chapter in aviation history. The airport will now be run entirely on solar-power and it is widely anticipated that this initiative will help put a big dent in the country’s ever-so-growing and concerning pollution problem.

The airport will now produce over 18 million units of natural power through solar-panels annually, which is the equivalent of powering about 10,000 homes in one year. This new and cutting-edge solar-power facility is also widely anticipated to reduce 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from coal generated power plants over the next two decades – that’s just the same as planting “3 million trees, or people not driving 750 miles.”

Yes, cleaner air and lots of it is what’s in store for the Kerala.

The Green Power Project

CIA began this unique sustainable development project, also dubbed the Green Power Project, back in March 2013. Since then they have slowly been adding and testing solar-panels and innovative technology to fuel the entire airport.

Now all of its 46,150 solar-panels spread out across 45 acres of land surrounding the airport are fully operational.

“Now, Cochin airport will have 50,000 to 60,000 thousand units of electricity per day to be consumed for all its operational functions, which technically makes the airport absolutely power neutral,” states CIA on its website.

Over the next two decades this Green Power Project will be closely monitored and more solar panels may be added by 2040 as the airport is expected to only grow in size with more terminals and cargo facilities. 

Bosch Ltd in India was the company who headed up the solar-power initiative for CIA. The company is anticipating they will be taking on more projects like this in India and around the world for that matter.

Solar-Power Technology: Green Fuel For The Future

The 12 MWp solar-power plant at CIA is a very impressive undertaking. They are certainly taking a leadership role in helping protect the environment.

Will we see more airports around the world in the near future adopting this same kind of green technology? It can be safely assumed that yes more airports will follow CIA’s model of utilizing solar-panels as a main source of power.

CIA spent $10 million on this project and they expect to have it paid off fully in five years. This is a brilliant investment: they definitely will save bundles of money in the long-run.

More importantly they are helping protect the environment and making the air cleaner for its citizens.