Are These Really The World’s Most Comfortable Boxers? Give N’ Go Briefs Cause No Grief


I don't believe in the after life, but I am bringing a change of underwear. ~ Woody Allen

An old Bing Crosby tune sang of far away places with strange-sounding names whose mysterious shores beckoned and thrilled the imagination of all those who dared to see the world. The unknown can present both hidden perils and exhilirating experiences. Whichever the seasoned traveler seeks to encounter, when creating clothing, accessories and underwear, comfort and portability are the primary factors any manufacturer should consider.

Ex Officio and the world traveler


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Since 1947, Ex Officio's focus has been the creation of technical apparel that performs as gear. One of its earliest garments was a shirt engineered with the dual function of a fly-fishing vest. Since its earliest days, the company has celebrated the traveler with every piece of clothing  it produces. In an odd way, the company is not unlike the market it addresses; it has grown just as travelers have in the sense that  their experiences have defined and enhanced their needs, which Ex Officio seeks to fill.

The Ex Officio Give N' Go Boxer Briefs


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Ex Officio products are made for adventure and any escapade worth its salt cannot be executed successfully without the proper underwear. (Even Tarzan wore something and Jane too, probably.) The Give N' Go Boxer Briefs  have caused a revolution in men's travel underwear, despite the fact that they are more costly than the average pair (about $15-30). They are indispensable to the traveler because they can easily be washed in a bathroom sink with a very small amount of detergent and within hours are as fresh and dry as the day they were purchased.

What special features do these briefs have to offer?

Comfort and durabiity come at a cost, and Ex Officio spared none in creating these incredible boxer briefs. Made from a blend of spandex and nylon, the shorts  are treated with an Aegis Microbe Shield, a colorless, odorless, positively-charged polymer that molecularly bonds to the treated surface. This shield prevents and controls odor-causing bacteria. It functions as if it were a layer of electrically charged swords. When a microorganism comes in contact with the treated area, the swords puncture the cell membrane, electrically shock and kill the cell. These swords are always engaged and ready to combat intruding microbes.


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The Ex Officio  Give N' Go Boxer Briefs have a soft, terry-backed, elastic waist-band and a functional fly. They are the perfect travel underwear, and for many men who have purchased them, they become the only kind they wear. Reviewers gush about the briefs and use words like "breathable," "lightweight" and "super odor-resistant" to describe these shorts. Their secret lies in their unique technology, which provides ultimate comfort.


Whether your travels propel you to mystical distant shores, along scenic mountain sides and circuitous bike paths or merely back and forth from your office to your home, the Ex Officio  Give N' Go Boxer Briefs are the perfect accompaniment for any journey. They will serve you well and long and require little care. One day you you may open your underwear drawer and find that there is only one kind you wear and will ever buy again. You can find these briefs at many fine retailers and here online at Amazon.

Sources: Ex Officio and Amazon

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