'World's Smallest' Rechargeable LED Flashlight Clips On For Hands-Free Use

LED lights have become the preferred method of illumination for a myriad of products, but especially flashlights and small, clip-on reading lamps. Now, somebody has basically combined the two into one handy little clip-on flashlight featuring the power of LED that's also rechargeable. The product's original intent was for use with law enforcement, but now anybody can get one. The name of it is the QuiqLite X Rechargeable, and it's made the list for Best Police Flashlight for Reading & Writing on Best Tactical Flashlights Dot Net, a website for law enforcement equipment.

QuiqLite X Rechargeable LED Flashlight: "World's Smallest" clip-on lightQuiqLite X Rechargeable LED Flashlight: "World's Smallest" clip-on light


QuiqLite X Clip-On Flashlight

Small and easily concealed — although why you'd want to is a mystery — this powerful little flashlight is said to be better than the mini Maglites a lot of people carry around on their key chains. While a lot of people use their flashlight app on their smartphones anymore, the beauty of this small, rechargeable light is you don't have to hold it in order to use it. The hands-free feature is priceless for so many applications where you need both your mitts free. This would be great for fiddling under the hood at night if you have car trouble.

Clipping it on to a pocket or strap at whatever level you need it is infinitely better than trying to grip an ordinary flashlight between your teeth or trying to prop your phone up and constantly repositioning it. For starters, you're lucky if you don't chip your teeth while you're drooling all over your flashlight. Secondly, it's hard enough to get your cell phone to stay upright and not sliding all over the place much less keeping it pointed at anything without a bracket mount. Once you clip the QuiqLite X on, whichever direction you turn, your light follows.  

LED Flashlight Options

As far as the light itself (not the weather resistant housing), there are several different options available with the QuiqLite X. The two 75 lumen lights (for a combined 150 lumens of power) come in white, white and red, white and blue, and now white and uv. The reason behind these four model options is ease of reading, as the units were originally designed to make reading driver’s licenses for police officers a breeze. But the white/uv model allows for easy detection of ultra violet ink, which could be useful for businesses checking IDs, documents and forms of legal tender like checks or cash. Bouncers, bartenders and store clerks could use this for point of sale detection of counterfeit currency and phony driver's licenses, fake IDs and altered passports for underage patrons trying to slip in under the radar.


 QuiqLite X Rechargeable LED Flashlight: Blue & white LED light model of QuiqLite XQuiqLite X Rechargeable LED Flashlight: Blue & white LED light model of QuiqLite X


QuiqLite Specs

These flashlights carry the following specs: Weight: 1.4 oz.; Dimensions: 3 inches long and .90 inch in diameter; Lowest Setting: 20 lumens of light output for 40 hours; Highest Setting: 75 lumens of light output for 5 hours; and a 360 degree rotating, removable magnetic clip with a 180 degree adjustable light arm for directing light where you want it. Additionally, the QuiqLite X offers a strobe light feature for attracting attention, should the need arise, and other uses. It also comes with a removable light diffuser or quiqflare attachment and holds up to rugged outdoor use. The flashlight's one Lithium ion battery is rechargeable through a micro USB charging system with cord included. Finally, the lights come with dual switch technology for independent LED activation and programmable 10 minute automatic shut off for saving the battery. All in all, this is one nifty little LED flashlight.

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