The World's Tallest Building Keeps Growing

When it comes to world-class architecture, Dubai is where it's at. And at the center of the Dubai design boom is the $1 billion Burj Dubai skyscraper. It's currently the world's tallest building and it continues to grow by the day. These amazing photos from look like they're taken from an airplane, but the view is actually from inside the tower.

The View from Inside Burj DubaiThe View from Inside Burj Dubai 

The 140th Floor of the Burj DubaiThe 140th Floor of the Burj Dubai

No one knows exactly how tall the Burj Dubai will be when it's finished, but the 140th floor is the same height as the now 2nd tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. Imagine two Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other and that's just over the anticipated height of Burj Dubai.



Dubai from Inside the World's Tallest BuildingDubai from Inside the World's Tallest Building


Burj Dabai is impressive in size and deisgn. American architect Adrian Smith is behind the grand plans. According to the Associated Press, the massive skyscraper will include double-decker elevators that carry 42 people at 40 miles per hour to the top. In all, the tower is expected to have 160 floors, filled with 56 elevators, luxury apartments, a hotel, spas and much more. The skyscraper was orginally supposed to be completed late this year, but that has been moved to mid-2009.

Apr 10, 2008
by Anonymous


Man that last pictures beautiful. Do views get any better than that.


Apr 13, 2008
by Anonymous


This is your gas dollors at work. The more they can squeeze out of us, the more lavish they can build. If we used our own oil for a couple of years, they would go broke. That would be the way to bring back the under a dollor gallon of gas.

Apr 13, 2008
by Anonymous

Oil money?!

For the reader who is talking about oil money. Just show how ignorant you are about your own economy. The US oil imports are mainly from Canada. Saudi Arabia and Mexico tie at second place. In fact, Burj Dubai is 100% funded from a UAE government through a UAE company. The UAE oil production is very low, that's why they are investing in business and tourism. Read before you comment about something you don't understand. By the way, if the US stop importing from foreign countries, then you will have to pay more than $10 a gallon based on the current market.

Apr 18, 2008
by Anonymous


This is ridiculous but i guess the rich get richer and my African people get broke.

Jul 20, 2008
by Anonymous

ITS not your oil money but your credit money

Dubais main source of income is Tourism and the free tax and investment oppturnities all protected and guranteed by a government which does-not changes every 4 years and make empty promises just to get elected . sorry but i have lived in usa and worked i have see everything is baised on cheap temp repair . NO fix