Worlds Collide With Launch Of Booyah Society!

Think about living your life the way you normally do. Except now, you re going to be rewarded for even the simplest of tasks, like dumping the garbage. Booyah Society, available free on iTunes is both a social network and a game, and each logged activity of your life will earn you points, which are similar to tasks performed on your favorite video game.

Keith LeeKeith Lee

Keith Lee, the chief executive of Booyah, a start-up based out of Palo Alto, California is hoping to attract 'gear-heads' and gizmo enthusiasts to join the 'society' on their iPhones and iPodTouch. Having in-depth experience in the gaming field, Lee and his co-founders Brian Morrisroe and Sam Christiansen were the dynamic trio that created World of Warcraft and the Diablo series.

Here is brief overview demo that walks you through how to get started as a bonafied-certified citizen of the Booyah Society:

“It’s the first achievement system for life,” Lee said. He likens the points that players earn for noting their achievements to “being Boy Scouts and earning badges for learning to fish and camp.”

In total, there are 180 achievements in the game and fulfilling each one unlocks a new feature for a user’s avatar. The application will keep track of what activities players are most interested in doing like dining out, playing tennis, taking in a ballgame and many other location-based activities.

As far as monetization, joining the Booyah Society will combine both your real and the virtual worlds. While Lee says the company will not run ads on the application. Instead, he says, it will pursue pairing achievements with sponsors.

For example, buying a pair of Reeboks in the real world — which could be verified via a location-based component of the game — would result in an increase in points and a online pair of sneakers for a player’s in-game avatar. In addition, Mr. Lee said the company was exploring opportunities like sponsored restaurant recommendations and debuting an in-game currency that would allow players to purchase accessories for their avatars.

So let those worlds collide, and enjoy the challenges and benefits of living your life to the fullest. But instead of stockpiling weaponry on a video game, think about earning points for yourself and your date, by making a reservation at a romantic bistro on the Upper East side. Talk about 'scoring points!' Booyah!

Booyah credit cardBooyah credit card

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