World’s Fastest Electric Dirt Bike Hits the Trails

A short while back we brought you the story of the World's Fastest Electric motorcycle. While that was good news for many, others were more interested in the slightly less refined and commonly muddier cousin of the motorcycle. If this sounds like you, the 2009 Zero X has got you covered.

The Zero X was designed with one goal in mind, and that was to be the best. To do this, it was very clear that weight had to be kept as low as possible, without compromising stability or strength. A perfect balance came with the use of thin walled aluminum tubing for the frame and using custom made components for most of the bike. When fully assembled, the bike weighs in at an impressive 151lbs.

Powering the vehicle is a 23 horsepower electric motor that can produce 50 lb/ft of torque on demand. When combined with the exceptionally low weight of the Zero X, those figures provide a 0-30 time of about 2 seconds.

The batteries themselves are also unique in that they are 100% non-toxic. They are assembled using salts that have been tightly bound together and then encased for protection. The batteries were also specifically designed to be able to produce quite a bit of current when the need arises. According to the spec sheet, up to 300 amps can be drawn from the battery at any given time. That's enough to cook just about anything in less than a second. The specialty batteries are produced in Canada and thanks to being 100% biodegradable, they can be tossing into a landfill completely guilt free.

Charge time for the Lithium-Ion batteries is about 2 hours from completely depleted. Zero also designed the batteries to be a modular unit, meaning one can be pulled and replaced in less than a minute.

The price for the Zero X is set at $7,750, which includes shipping to the continental US. Zero will ship to Europe for an additional $700, with an additional 6-days needed for air travel.

While this will by no means replace our traditional gasoline dirt bikes quite yet, this is a glimpse into the future of 2-wheeled off road racing.

Zero Motorcycles , Popular Mechanics