The World's Fastest Remote Controlled Car

I was a kid when Evel Knievel strapped himself into a rocket and launched himself, unsuccessfully, across the Snake River Canyon.  Sure, he called the streamlined test-plane looking device a "cycle".  But, c'mon.  It was the equivalent of something that Chuck Yeager would have flown in an attempt to break the sound barrier.

The fastest remote controlled car in the worldThe fastest remote controlled car in the world

Nic Case has developed something of a miniature version of this vehicle-and it is insanely fast.  Boasting a speed of 161 mph, the Schummacher Mi3 is nothing short of an RC missile.  Propelled by an 11-horsepower RC motor powered by a 12-cell RC plane battery pack, this little whopper cost Case $4000 to build.  The handcrafted carbon-fiber chassis is aerodynmically designed to keep the car from shooting up into the air.  This is supported by an all-wheel-drive system with oversized tires, allowing for increased traction.

But speed has a price.

The car has no brakes.  Deceleration is accomplished by dialing down the speed on the car's remote control unit.  Going from 160 mph to zero might require a bit of space...  The runway must be clear, so to speak.  At least the gyroscopic steering correction system should reduce the number of crashes.

Case's goal is to get this little car up to 200 mph.  I wish him luck-I think that's very cool.  He may want to try jumping Snake River Canyon with it.

My RC Batmobile wouldn't stand a chance against this thing...