The World's Fastest Smart Phone?

When it comes to mobile phones there are a lot of claims out there when it comes to phone. Makers claim to have the biggest screens, the sharpest HD and the best selection of apps. Now a new claim is coming from another mobile phone makers. Huawei, the third largest mobile phone maker in the world currently, is releasing a new mobile phone which it claims is "the fastest smart phone in the world." The company, which is based in China, has dubbed this fastest phone the Ascend P2.

The Ascend P2, which will set consumers back abut $525 to buy without any discounts from their wireless carrier, will be out sometime between April and June of the current year. The company is basing its claim of having the fastest phone on the download speeds that the phone is capable of. While the speeds are impressive, there is one catch to the speed of the phones, the currently wireless networking technology cannot support the download speeds, even on hard to find purely 4G networks.

The phones may be hard to find in the USA, because the phones are largely passed over by US wireless carriers, due to security concerns which were raised by a congressional panel last year about potential back doors being built into the devices. Though for the time being there have been few incidents, and the Chinese government denies the presence of any intentional software bugs.

Source: The Seattle Times
Image Source: Morgue File