The World's First Pet Only Airline Gets Ready For Take Off

The news that Pet Airways was open for business may have sent their website crashing today, but there's nothing but successful take-offs and landings scheduled for their fleet of 20 pawsenger-friendly airplanes. 

Starting July 14, 2009, dogs and cats will ride in first class to and from New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.  Well, it's first class compared to the cargo compartment.  Pets will fly, crated, in the air controlled cabins of the planes.  All aboard!

Oh, not you.  You'll have to find your own flight.  No humans allowed, except for the pilot, of course, and some well-chosen pet attendants!  But, during your pet's flight, you can check in on him to see how he is doing.

Reports about how potty breaks will be handled are sketchy at this time, but this is the statement from the (currently crashed) Pet Airways site, via the Examiner:

"Potty Breaks are very important to your pet. With the human airlines, your pet could be made to hold themselves for a very very long time. Pet Airways monitors the last time your pet had a potty break, and makes sure that they get regular potty breaks along the way. This means that it may take us longer to get to where we are going, but the care of our pawsengers is our first priority."

Whether the flights have 'pit stops' on the way, or there are pet bathrooms aboard, these flights will certainly relieve a lot of worry by pet owners needing to transport their pets by air. According to a study by the San Francisco SPCA, about 2 million pets ride in plane cargo areas each year and approximately 5,000 of them are injured during the trip. (I don't think that includes the ones that have anxiety attacks or get dehydrated, etc.)

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