World's Largest 3D Street Painting Requires No Glasses

A gigantic 3D street painting by Beijing-based Qi Xinghua, China's first and foremost 3D painter, is delighting crowds at Wanda Square in Jinan, capital of eastern China's Shandong province.

The 892 square meter (31,500 sq ft) painting took Qi Xinghua (left) one month to complete and, like others of its type, does not require the use of special eyeglasses to experience the striking three-dimensional effect.

Qi Xinghua says he was originally inspired to try his hand at multi-dimensional art in 2002 after encountering 3D chalk street paintings in Europe and the United States. He refined his technique after enrolling in Beijing's prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts.

The painting is titled “Shimen Xiagu” or “Lions Gate Canyon”, and measures 32.2 meters (105.5 ft) long by 23.3 meters (76.5 ft) wide. The dramatic 3D optical illusion is bolstered through the inclusion of a painted wall 6.09 meters (20 ft) in height.

Though 3D paintings are by their nature rather large in order to induce the desired effect upon viewers, Qi Xinghua's latest creative tour de force takes the cake as the world's largest: a fact certified by Guinness World Records authorities on December 17th of 2010.

Qi Xinghua seems to be making a habit out of breaking records: a previous effort of his measuring over 535 square meters (18,893 sq ft) in area was the former world record holder.


Although currently on display in Jinan, the painting was previously exhibited for 15 days at Nanping Wanda Plaza in Chongqing (above) beginning on February 21st. Visitors who wish to view the painting and even walk upon its surface will be pleased to know that admission to the exhibit is free for all. (via People's Daily Online)