World's Largest Toy : Remote Control Hummer

I'm sure we all remember playing with R/C cars as we were growing up. Hey, it was a drivers license when we were 5. So it's only fitting that when we get older, we get better R/C cars, right? How does a full scale Hummer H3 sound?

Dr. James Brighton, an Engineer from Cranfield University, is the master-mind behind the R/C H3. The whole process took only a month to complete, but it's guaranteed to provide years of amusement.

The Hummer is capable of climbing a vertical step of up to 16 inches. It will also move through about 2 feet of water. Should the need arise, the oversized toy can move safely across a grade of 40%. Th MythBusters would be proud.

From : AutoBlog

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Apr 17, 2008
by Anonymous

it's real !!

it's real !!

Dec 29, 2008
by Anonymous


i want one of them things and is that real will you give me one and how much are there