World’s Most Disgusting Restaurant? Modern Toilet Eatery In Taiwan

You've heard of someone having a potty mouth, right? Well at Taiwan's Modern Toilet restaurant you can almost take that statement literally based on their décor and plating methods.

Crappy and Unique RestaurantCrappy and Unique Restaurant

Modern Toilet is possibly the most unique, and most disgusting restaurant I've ever seen. The whole restaurant is decorated with toilets that every patron must sit on, and covered basins that act as the tables. The theme here, however, doesn't stop at the decor; you really can end up with a potty mouth that has nothing to do with language when you eat one of their meals, served in miniature toilet bowls and bathtubs. and accompanied by toilet rolls for napkin dispensers. You'll especially increase your crappy experience by ordering the soft serve chocolate ice cream.

Modern Toilet RestaurantModern Toilet Restaurant

Via: Fun Fever