World’s Most Expensive Jeans By Damien Hirst: Art Or Fashion?

Perfectly timed with the recession and decreased spending, come the world's most expensive jeans, by artist Damien Hirst. Through a partnership with Levis, Hirst created these jeans as a form of wearable art; but at their cost, I'd be afraid to leave the house in them, or maybe that's just because of their unique fashion statement.

Known for his bold, brash style Damien Hirst has been one of the most successful contemporary artists, monetarily speaking. And, if these world's most expensive jeans do happen to sell, his vast artistic fortune will only continue to grow. At the equivalent of $27,000 USD a pair you'd better take out a second mortgage to get yourself into a pair of these hippy, dippy, trippy pieces of wearable art.

Via: HypeBeast

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May 7, 2009
by Anonymous

please make the 80s fashion

please make the 80s fashion comeback go away