World's Most Expensive Sushi For Those Who Chews Gold

In these troubled times it seems the rich get richer and everyone else... well, you can figure it out. One upside to living large is that grand gestures seem to go further, such as laying out some hefty coin for The World's Most Expensive Sushi.

Yes, that phrase is capitalized - there seems to be a bit of a competition between chefs and restaurants to see who can come out on top with the most over-the-top edible comestible. In the case of Filipino chef Angelito Araneta, Jr. (right), the battle appears to be between himself and, er, himself.

Yes indeed, the so-called "Karat Chef" has one-upped himself with a new menu selection worthy of King Croesus... at least, it looks like ol' gold-fingers couldn't keep his cursed mitts off the main course. We're talkin' gold here, and the rising price of the metal of medals is, at least, allowing Araneta to stick ever-larger stickers on his gilded gourmet treats.

The Karat Chef's previous gastronomic wallet-buster cost $2,700 per order and what you got was heaping helpings of fresh crabmeat on rice, wrapped in 24-carat gold leaf with .20-carat African diamonds to top it off.

One assumes diners pocketed the jewels and maybe the gold leaf before chowing down: the former would surely damage your teeth while the latter would morph into brand new fillings.

Araneta went all-out on his new sushi spread (above). He starts off with fine Japanese sushi rice made with 70-year-old virgin water (whatever that is), 12-year-old Italian balsamic vinegar and Muscovado sugar.

Then he adds Norwegian pink salmon, cucumber, mango, foie gras, smoked & pickled sea cucumber, genuine crabmeat, wild saffron and buttery mayonnaise. The sticker shock is provided by a dozen Palawan pearls, four .20ct African diamonds of VVS clarity, and 24-carat gold leaf wrappings. Enjoy your meal... the $4,300 price tag might give you indigestion, however. (via Foodiggity and Lost At E Minor,top image via

Jul 27, 2010
by Anonymous


i think this sushi looks incredible than the first one. the ingredients speaks for itself. i can remember the time i was in shanghai when i tasted the sea cucumber they serve there, magnificent! i hope success address to this person. he’s my classmate by the way, very humble man, rides public vehicles too

Aug 18, 2010
by Anonymous

um, no.

I think this is ridiculous! It's just imitation crab on some rice tied with... gold!?? $2,000? Oh and the title should read "World's Most Expensive Sushi For Those Who CHEW gold."

Apr 2, 2012
by Anonymous

fame yes... respect no....

absolutely no!

Apr 7, 2012
by Anonymous

For Those Who Chews Gold

pls change the title you are being sarcastic