The World's Mucho Grande Tweet Flies The Amistoso Cielo

Yes, tweets are known for their brevity. 140 characters or less is the constraint Twitter imposes on the Twitterati's bon mots. However if you look closely at their terms of service, they've never restricted the actual size of a tweet, nor how far it could be thrust into space. And this summer, Iberia Airlines has used those loopholes to not only issue the world's biggest tweet but also to show to the world, the skies the limit as to how far a tweet can go.

The world's largest tweet took off from Madrid-Barajas Airport on July 31, 2012 en route to Bogotá, Colombia adorned with a tweet 3-meters in length affixed with a Spanish message that stated: "#tweetIBERIA:@LoicGuerrero Lo mejor de cada viaje es compartirlo contigo!", which translates to: "The best part of every trip is sharing it with you".  

The tweet issued by Julia Comino of Majorca was the winner in an Iberia contest that took place last fall, 2011,Julia CominoJulia Comino winning  her two round-trip ticket to New York City. "I'll celebrate my second wedding anniversary in New York, which was where we had originally planned to spend our honeymoon, and now we'll be able to go!", she said, adding that the winning entry was dedicated to her husband, "my fellow traveller", as she calls him. "I could have told him a thousand things, but this tweet says it all: I don't care where I go as long as he's with me."

Carolina Martinoli, Iberia's director of marketing, said "the social networks are a great channel for communicating with our followers, to learn what they want, to give them service and share offers and information about our products with them. The #tweetiberia contest brought us closer to them and made Julia's dream come true. Iberia now has 230,739 followers on Facebook and 144,261 fans on Twitter."

Julia, an active social media enthusiast with a diploma in the tourism industry, will see her 140 characters crisscross the skies for two months. Her winning entry came from a pool of 3800 entries that were mostly focused on friendship and love.

On the financial front however, with second-quarter results that were less than stellar, the airline posted an operating loss of €263 million for the first half of the year. With tweets that touch the sky, while it may not be cure-all for an ailing industry struggling with escalating fuel costs, it appears that Iberia sees the value in social media and hopefully will capture the imagination of tourists who are considering flying the amistoso cielo in the months ahead.

Aug 6, 2012
by Anonymous

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