The World's Smallest Color Scanner

You slip quickly into the small office.  Leaving the room shrouded in darkness, you make your way over to the file cabinet.  Quietly, so as to not call attention to yourself, you open the top drawer and flip through the row of folders until you find your objective: The Colonel's Secret Eleven Herbs and Spices Recipe.

You spread the pages out on the desk, reach into your pocket, and pull out the DocuPen RC800.

This is a little device that no self-respecting spy should be without: the world's smallest color scanner.

Unlike other pen-sized scanners, the RC800 can scan a full page (including text and graphics) in roughly four seconds.  Other pen scanners can only handle single lines of text or must be connected to a computer to handle this much material at once.

A look at some of the options available on the RC800A look at some of the options available on the RC800

Scanning is made easy due to a duel roller guidance system that distributes the user's pressure to allow for smoother and more accurate scanning.  With 8MB of Flash Memory augmented by a 1GB Micro SD card, the RC800 can store hundreds of pages at resolutions from 100 to 400dpi.

When it's time to upload the scans, the RC800's lithium-ion batteries are automatically recharged via your computer's USB port.  Software is included for easy file transfers.

And yep-this little baby is compatible with the new Intel/Macintosh systems.

So, if you have a hankerin' to infiltrate a certain large chicken chain's headquarters (which I wouldn't recommend) and attempt to abscond with a certain recipe, you might want to have the RC800 with you.

If you're caught you may, with some difficulty, be able to swallow it...

You can get this cool spy tool at Spy Associates or via Amazon.

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