The World's Smallest Hovercraft

I've never been on a hovercraft.  I've been on a hydrofoil (from Fort Myers to Key West-saves a lot of time, and you don't need a car when vacationing there since you're too busy drinking Mojitos and fishing).  It was cool.  Very smooth ride.  I drank beer and watched two movies on the trip.  Can't beat that.

I would think that being on a hovercraft would feel similar.  But I don't think I'd be able to fit in the Hover Q, so it'll be a while before I find out.

Like the Solar Car Kit that I wrote about not too long ago, the Hover Q sports the distinction of being the smallest of its type ever made.  And this little sucker is quite tiny!

Something tells me I'm not climbing into the Hover Q anytime soon...  Maybe if I can get hold of Willy Wonka's TV shrinking machine...Something tells me I'm not climbing into the Hover Q anytime soon... Maybe if I can get hold of Willy Wonka's TV shrinking machine...

Made by Takara Tomy of Japan, the Hover Q can shoot across flat surfaces on a cushion of air.  Despite its size, it is a true hovercraft.  No tiny wheels hide beneath the airbag.

As with all mini-RC vehicles, it sucks the life out of batteries the way a vampire sucks blood from hapless victims.  Luckily four AA batteries are included with a charger.  A ten minute charge nets you five minutes of cruisin' time.

The Hover Q comes in four colors (red, blue, orange, and black) and utilizes two bandwidths so you can race two of them at a time.  The battery charger is also the remote control unit for the hovercraft.  You can increase/decrease speed and turn left or right with just a flick your fingers.

Though the controls are quite obvious, all of the instructions (and the box) sport Japanese.  So... unless you know how to speak Japanese, I'd recommend just looking at the pictures if you have a question.  Something tells me that it's not all that difficult to figure out...

Check out this ad.  It's sort of a cross between Speed Racer and some sort of 1980s Miami Vice kind'a thing.  It's quite cheezy (and yes-cheeze of this nature requires a "z"), but it gets the point across-and makes me want to buy two Hover Qs just so I can figure out some sort of racing/drinking game.

 Something tells me that controlling these little whoppers would be a bit more difficult than implied in the video.  I can see multiple collisions with walls, shoes, and my cat-which, if you've been reading my blog, is a target for almost any toy I can get my hands on.

Ya gotta admit that it's pretty zippy though.  For its size, the Hover Q packs some speed.

For more info, check out this companion article by fellow InventoSpot contributor Steve Levenstein.

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