World's Smallest RC Hovercraft Really Blows!

Forget the Hummer, get me a Hover!Forget the Hummer, get me a Hover!
Hovercraft are cool; personal ones are even cooler. Now Japan's Takara Tomy has introduced the Hover-Q: a miniaturized, radio controlled personal hovercraft that blows away the competition!

At just 11.5cm (4.52 inches) long, the Hover-Q is billed as "the world's smallest IR control hovercraft". Not having ever seen a hovercraft smaller than a Buick Roadmaster, I'm not inclined to call their bluff.

The hovercrafts come in blue, orange, black and red - with the first two operating off A-band and the latter pair off B-band. Presumably this means that if you're looking to race one against another, you order one from each band. Besides the radio control, these li'l guys work just like their much larger cousins. An on-board fan forces air downward, causing positive air pressure to inflate a flexible skirt and lift the entire craft off the surface. Then directional vanes at the back can be remotely adjusted to steer the hovercraft.

This video of the Hover-Q... a pair of them, actually, shows what the little guys can do to reduce your already miserable office productivity even further:

Want a Hover-Q for your very own, or for a cool gift? Sure you do - they're available at Amazon. They come complete with RC controller x1, Japanese-language operation manual and 1 built-in rechargeable lithium vehicle battery, but you have to supply the 4 AA batteries for the controller yourself.


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