Worried About A Wrinkled Cleavage? Try The Sleeping Beauty!

If you've never seen design unleashed, you're looking at it now. Though this bra might be perfect for the right breasts, like the ones on the plastic model, I don't know what it would do to the sex lives of most of us. 'Sleeping Beauty' or 'Sleeping Droopy?'


La Decollette Sleeping Beauty: ©La DecolletteLa Decollette Sleeping Beauty: ©La Decollette


But sexy is just an afterthought for the La Decollete Sleeping Beauty bra. 

In case you forgot to worry about the wrinkles between your boobs for worry of your other wrinkles, La Decollete makes the Sleeping Beauty bra so you don't have to worry about the wrinkles between your boobs. It smooths them out... well, that's what it claims to do.

"Before" and "After" photo of a woman in her mid-50's: ©La Decollette"Before" and "After" photo of a woman in her mid-50's: ©La Decollette As a matter of fact, the company claims that after just one night your décolletage (that's a woman's upper chest and neck area, guys) your vertical wrinkles will be gone and after 5 to 7 nights, your décolletage will be gone. (Just kidding: actually, your décolletage will be smooth.)

All this for about $70. Who needs plastic surgery?

La Decollette instructs users to apply a moisturizing cream before adorning the sleep bra. Crème de la Decollette is also available through the company.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Decollete Pads can also be a successful alternative to remove and prevent chest wrinkles.

La Decollette via Divine Caroline


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