Wow! Wide-Angle Action Video And High Definition In A Wearable Camcorder: ConcordHD

Whether you're a biker, skier, hiker, or stroller, you'll love this new wearable camera from VHoldR -- the ContourHD Wearable Camera. This is not the world's first wearable camera; but it is the world's first wearable camera with high definition and a wide-angle lens.  And when you want the fastest action, this camera can accommodate; you can switch from high definition (30 fps)  to high action (60 fps) and shoot your stunts, slopes, jumps, or rafting escapades like the devil!

Like its predecessor, the VholdR, the ContourHD is a water-resistant, hardbody camera, armored with anodized aluminum and fiberglass.  It's also shock, vibration, and impact resistant. You can affix the ContourHD on any semi-fixed flat surface like a helmet, and the company also has specialized mounts for handlebars, windshields, and goggles.

The 135° wide-angle lens makes the ContourHD camcorder a superb choice for outdoor use, and the audio and video have both been upgraded for this camera.  Alignment is decidedly more accurate with two laser beams and a 192° rotating lens.  Set those up before you take off, and operation is simple with a one button slide switch record that's oversized, so even if you're wearing gloves, you can't miss it.






Oh, of course you want to know how to share your videos.  Again, it's simple. The ContourHD Easy Edit™ software, Mac and PD compatible, lets you upload and edit like the speed of  a downhill racer in this short video:



Forgot to mention the price.  It's only $299.  I know that's a lot of money in this economy, but for all you get, this camera is extremely reasonably priced. The ContourHD Wearable Camera is scheduled to be available in May, and you can order it here.


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May 13, 2009
by Anonymous

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IE strap helmet onto Banzai Pipepine surfer alone.
Very Radical.