WowWee Paperjamz Turn The Fun Up To Eleven

Paper instruments that actually play? You read that correctly, friends – welcome to the future! 


Sure, this is more for the “younger crowd” than we typically trend, but there is no denying that the concept as well as the execution of these tiny paper products are both hilarious and awesome.


They use what is known as Active Graphics Technology, which basically boils down to being paper instruments with circuits inside of them. These circuits allow an instrument to be “played” by touching the right spots on the surface.


You’re thinking – but these have to sound like crap, right? Yeah, not so much.


The six guitars the company currently offers come with four modes of operation including “free style”, which allows a user to play actual guitar chords simply by touching the right spots on the neck and strumming the “strings”.


Almost perfectly flat and only a few inches thick, Paperjamz look like real guitars at first glance, and actually sound pretty damn good for a collection of paper and circuit boards. Videos on the company's Web sites show people with actual guitar-playing talents rockin’ out using the freestyle mode, but for those who want an easier go of things, karaoke and “perfect play” modes are included with music tracks that are built into the guitars.


Oh but that’s not all – the company now offers drum kits and amps to enhance your playing experience. Every instrument also comes with an internal speaker and volume control as well as earphone jacks for when your rock and/or roll gets to intense for your partner or parent to handle.


The guitars cost around $25 USD at Amazon, and can also be fount at your local toy store. Sure, they’re for kids twelve and up, but that includes those of us who might just be over 25 or 30 but miss the true and awesome power of getting down with sound.


Rock on, paper brothers.


Source: Paperjamz

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