Wrap This Up: Audacious Audi Doesn't Know What Color It Wants To Be

Vinyl vehicle wraps are most often used to display graphics and advertising but a growing automotive subculture is using wraps for purely cosmetic purposes.

When the right kind of wrap is expertly applied, some spectacular visual effects are in the offing and such is the case with an eye-popping Audi that gleams in copper, green and brown – depending on your point of view.

The Audi A4 above was captured photographically by Tycho De Feijter of CarNewsChina in suburban Beijing, China.

The car is a third generation (B7), which were manufactured and sold in China by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture from 2004 through 2008. Instead of moving up to the B7's successor, the popular long-wheelbase Audi A4L, the owner of this A4 decided to upgrade their ride in a different manner via some intensely focused customizing.

The most complex change effected to the featured Audi concerns its paint job, now disguised by a full-on vinyl wrap though the silver-gray side mirrors may hint at its factory skin.

It's difficult to say exactly what color the wrap is, as it seems to shift from metallic green through glossy copper to rich chocolate brown before the viewer's eyes. Ambient lighting conditions will also affect how the wrap reflects light and once the vehicle is in motion, well, all bets are off.