Wrap A Nap Takes the Title For Strangest Sleeping Device Ever?

Strange items that you can put on your head or face to get away with sleeping in public comfortably will never get old Wrap a NapWrap a Napmuch to the appreciation of the latest innovation, Wrap A Nap. This latest addition to the world of sleep-friendly headwear will block out the light and keep you comfortable, all while protecting your head (you know, if you're one of those who bumps into things a lot)!

Wrap A Nap is actually quite simple. You Velcro it all the way around your head so if covers your eyes, provides a pillow in the back, and cushioning everywhere else in between. This might just come in handy for avid travelers who sleep on their tray tables and get a near-concussion during turbulence. You can also wear it in a turban style if you want the pillow but don't want the eye coverage.  As far as sleep-friendly headwear goes, this ac