Wrap Your iPhone In ANICASE’s Adorable Endangered Species To Save Them!

This series of ANICASE iPhone covers demonstrates how a great product invention can arise from a good cause. Can philanthropic ideals launch your ideas as well?

ANICASE phone covers are made of a sturdy and lightweight material that proudly displays your favorite rare animal’s features on the back of the case, along with a handy list of facts printed on the case’s inside to inform your friends about the hidden meaning behind your stylish phone case. At the moment, iPhone toting animal activists can choose between polar bear, sun bear, Sumatran tiger, snow leopard, giant panda, goliath frog and Blakiston’s Fish Owl themed ANICASEs. If you’re going looking to pick up an ANICASE to support threatened species and charming phone cases, make sure that you select either the “iPhone 4/4S” or “iPhone 5” version, as one size ANICASE does not fit all!


The ANICASE brand was developed as an inventive way to support various endangered species around the world in a way that fashionable people will gladly throw their cash at. In addition to the increased awareness that these darling phone cases bring to the plight of scarce sun bears, snow leopards and giant pandas, ANICASE has pledged to donate ten percent of the company’s profits to worldwide conservation efforts.


I can definitely recall other brilliant products giving a percentage of their income to select charities, including Microsoft Game Studios’ “Zoo Tycoon” and “Zoo Tycoon 2” themed donations to animal protection groups after selling truckloads of copies of the hit game. If you’re an inventor, could your personal brand benefit from partnering with or donating to charitable causes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


If you’d like to learn more about ANICASE or if you’d like to adopt one for yourself, click here.