Wrist Health Monitor May Be The New ‘Guardian Angel’

While the world is no stranger to gadgets that can measure a variety of internal vital statistics, Israeli bio-medical company Seraphim Sense has recently created a new iteration that may revolutionize the field of mobile medical technology.

Their brand new health monitor wristband, aptly titled the Angel health monitor, allows wearers to comprehensively track their pertinent vital signs, from skin temperature, to blood pressure, to heart rate and even blood oxygen levels.

Angel sensor: Source: Angelsensor.comAngel sensor: Source: Angelsensor.com

Of course, this is not the first portable health monitor to emerge on the market – but the Angel health monitor aims to cover ground not previously attempted, by also providing wearers with information regarding their cardiovascular exercise routines, as well as their sleep patterns.

Furthermore, this mobile health monitor will be compatible with certain types of software, allowing Angel users to monitor their information with the ease of an app or online program.

Right now, the Angel is in the final stages of development, and Seraphim Sense is using funding program Indiegogo to help reel in final donations. Once that period is over though, the Angel monitor will be commercially available for a mere $159.

Additionally, the founders of Seraphim Sense have also included an open source software development kit that developers can use to create apps that transform the data collected by the Angel into readable and useful information.

CEO Eugene Jorov hopes that it will gain eventual FDA approval as a medical device, and expects that it will be released in April 2014.

Source: NoCamels