Tick Tack Music Watch: The Musical Wrist Watch

It seems like everything plays music these days, and now there's just one more wearable gadget to enter the ranks in an attempt to compete with the iPod. This new gadget's a design concept only to date, but might just start a new functional fashion trend.

The musical wrist watch has been developed by Apostol Tnokovski and while it might not be the first gadget to combine music function with wearability,  it does come with a unique and sleek look. The Tick Tack Music Watch has all of the features of an MP3 player, with the modern design of an attractive wrist piece.

Music Player WatchMusic Player Watch

It's an interesting concept, but will it really be enough to compete with the other gadgets on the market designed to provide musical entertainment?

Tick Tack Music WatchTick Tack Music Watch

Via: Yanko Design