Wristband Computer May Just Get Geeks Out of the House

Did wristbands really need to get any geekier? Apparently the folks at Glacier Computers found a little extra room to pack a significant amount of extra geekage into the wristband, an entire computer worth. That's right, the W200 is an actual computer that you can strap around your wrist so that you can hit the streets looking like an extremely nerdy Richard Simmons.

The W200 features a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, backlit keyboard and hot swappable battery pack. Wi Fi, Bluetooth and GPS keep you fully connected to the world around you and make the wristband computer as functional as it isn't stylish. The system can operate on Windows CE or Linux.

As far as the comfort level of wearing a computer on your wrist, it weighs only 10.2 ounces so even the skinny, pasty forearms of someone who might actually like to use this device can support it easily. The strap is designed to fit seamlessly around the wrist so you might even forget it was there if it wasn't for all the pointing and whispering as you walked by.

Glacier has framed the use of the device in a more professional way in such workplaces as emergency services, warehousing and field logistics. However, I have a feeling that it really appeals to a different type of user, the type of user who rarely leaves home due to a crippling fear of leaving his PC unattended. Now, that guy will never need go without and the outside world just got a wee bit dorkier.

Source: Glacier Computers via Gizmodo