Wristboom Is The Little Speaker That You Wear On Your Wrist

When you're mobile there is pretty much only one way to listen to music, through headphones. But tangled cords and earbuds that have an affinity for falling out is not fun. Well, Wristboom hopes to alleviate those woes. Wristboom is the portable speaker that you wear on your wrist like a traditional watch that also allows you to take calls and record surrounding conversations.

The Wristboom looks very close to a traditional wristwatch and comes in a multitude of colors. It contains a small 4 ohm, 2 watt speaker that produces frequencies between 60Hz and 20KHz. This is going to give you a wide range of sounds, meaning you'll be able to pick up some of the small intricacies in songs. Using Bluetooth, you can connect to your smart TV, phone, or tablet and listen to your favorite music apps directly on your wrist.

Using the Bluetooth, you can also connect to your phone and take hands-free calls with the push of a button on the Wristboom. The same microphone that is used for phone calls can also be used to record conversations that you want to remember, or anything else for that matter. Driving down the road and want to remember a song? Just record it and research it later. It's a great additional feature for the little wrist speaker.

The LED ring is a nice touch to the pieceThe LED ring is a nice touch to the piece

Since the speaker is on your wrist, you can have hands-free music wherever you go. While I don't recommend being "that guy" and using this is crowded areas, it's perfect for use while doing house chores or on hikes. Not having earbuds directly in your ears means you can still hear everything around you (great for when you're at the house, and want to keep an ear out on the kids or when you're on the trail surrounded by murderous wolves and bears.)