Wristop Widescreen: Timex Expedition WS4

The sports world has seen its fair share of multi-function sport watches. In the outdoors, this means such features as altimeters, thermometers, barometers and compasses are standard fare, not difficult to find on any given watch. On paper, therefore, the Timex WS4 is just another outdoor sports watch.

Timex Expedition WS4Timex Expedition WS4

What separates this watch from others is the rectangular “widescreen” construction. The massive watch face allows you to view 4 separate readings clearly—time, altitude, weather conditions and compass on the main watch face without constantly having to toggle back and for the between screens. Not needing to toggle will save your hands for more important things like lunging for the next grip on a rock face or locking down on the handlebars to brace for a stomach-dropping descent. The oversized widescreen looks pretty cool, too.

The watch was designed with testing and input from American alpinist Conrad Anker. Anker put the watch through the ringer during a “torture test” on a Himalayan expedition. He provided his feedback and suggestions to Timex engineers. If it’s good enough for the Himalayas, it certainly good enough for the Green Mountains, or whatever range you call home.

The Expedition WS4 will be available in six different color options May 2009. Retail is set for $199. (UPDATE: This is now available on Amazon.)

Here’s some more specifics from Timex on the separate functions:


  • Tracks current, highest and accumulated altitude
  • Range: -1,312 to 29,520 feet
  • Display in feet or meters
  • Ascent/descent graphing
  • Tracks time in and above target altitude
  • Altitude alarm
  • Four user-set, customizable altitude reference points


  • Range: 14° to 122 ° F / -10° to 50° C
  • Tracks current and sea level pressure
  • Barometric pressure change graphing
  • Weather condition forecasts warn of upcoming storms or clearings
  • Temperature


  • Displays bearing in degrees, cardinal and half-cardinal points
  • Virtual compass needle always points North
  • User can calibrate declination angle for accurate readings regardless of geography


  • Hours, minutes, and seconds displayed in 12- or 24-hour format in both digital and


  • Second time zone with independent hours, minutes, date, and format settings
  • Alarm Function; daily, weekday, weekend, or weekly alarm and five-minute backup alert
  • 100-hour countdown timer with repeat function


  • 100-hour Chronograph
  • 1/100-second resolution up to one hour; one-second resolution up to 100 hours
  • 99-Lap count with display of lap or split time
  • Display of lap or split time in larger digits
  • During chronograph use, watch provides activity review: min/max altitude; total

ascent/descent; time spent at/above target altitude; altitude/barometric
pressure/temperature graph; highest/lowest/

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