Wristphone Gets A Fasionable Design Update - Dick Tracy Finally Able To Express Himself

As phones become smaller and more complicated, one designer has imagined a communications option that not only looks stylish, but brings back a slightly retro-phone feel and ease of use. Enter the Dial(phone).

Designer Jung Dae Hoon envisioned a phone that was half fashion, half function, and at least 90% awesome. Using a simple bracelet as a model, Hoon created a concept phone that is worn around the wrist and comes in styles like simple brushed metal or a more sporty two-tone, but that can activate its hidden phone properties with a mere twirl of the bangle.

Dial: It's a bracelet!Dial: It's a bracelet! 


Dial: It's a phone!Dial: It's a phone!

Once turned on, the Dial will begin projecting lightbeams that will form characters indicating things like time, date, and what numbers are available to call. By placing the Dial on a flat surface or holding the back of  your hand very still, you will be able to read the numbers and act accordingly. One portion of the phone will be touch-sensitive, and will be used to enter user selections and make phone calls.

There are a number of obvious issues here, for example the location of the speakers for both voice input and output, and also how sensitive the "twirling" mechanic will have to be to at once facilitate phone calls but prevent an accidental arm flailing from placing a long distance call to Poland. As well, the durability of the device could be an issue, as any sport use would likely result in stress breakage or electrical shortage due to sweat.

For a concept design, however, the Dial has a great deal to recommended it. Phones are already becoming fashion accessories, much like small dogs and adopted children (if you're a celebrity), and this design simply takes that concept to the next logical step.

Perhaps a matching earring and necklace videophone is in the works.

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