The Writing Really Is On The Wall - Write On Walls And Store The Information

Anyone with kids has had to deal with the writing on the wall at some stage. Many a teacher has longed for more space than their whiteboard or chalkboard or projector offers. And anybody who's ever been to a meeting knows there's never enough space for a really good brainstorm.

And in all of these places, you will often find big, bare walls that do nothing but separate rooms or hold up ceilings. Not that holding up ceilings is a bad thing, of course.

And then storing that information? Transferring it all onto paper or into a computer or in photographs, can be an arduous process that invariably loses something in the translation. Wouldn't it be great if you could capture all that information in whatever format you like with the click of a button?

Wouldn't it be even better if you could write all over the walls and capture everything with the click of a button?

You can. Information capturing company Evernote, and wall-transforming company IdeaPaint, have teamed together to do just this. The IdeaPaint turns your wall into a whiteboard, and Evernote captures all the information, using whichever device or platform you find most convenient.

What makes this idea even better, is that they're offering you the chance to try this for free, and are throwing in an iPod as well.

Here's how it all works:

Jan 27, 2012
by Anonymous

Love Evernote - and whiteboard paint!

We did this in the Social Signal offices, and it was fantastic. And yes, we used Evernote to store and search our whiteboard notes.

Glad you liked the cartoon, by the way - thanks for sharing it with your readers!