The Wurf Board Is The Perfect Accessory For Your Standing Desk

Standing desks continue to grow in popularity in modern offices throughout the world. And what's not to like about them? Not only do they give you options and allow you to change up the workday by switching positions, but standing desks have also been shown to have health benefits. Even if you're getting your daily exercise in, sitting for too long can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and a plethora of other issues. The Wurf Board lets you get your standing time, while alleviating foot and joint pain.

Multiple sizes available for the Wurf BoardMultiple sizes available for the Wurf Board

The Wurf Board, designed and created by Mark Publicover, founder and CEO of JumpSport, came up with the idea shortly after integrating some standing desks into the office. After noticing the the anti-fatigue mats just didn't cut it, the company set out to make a better platform for standing desks, and thus the Wurf Board was born.

Designed to resemble a surfboard, the Wurf Board is an adjustable platform that can be either be stiff and supportive or somewhat squishy, depending on what you, and your body, prefers. By using the small air pump that comes with the Wurf Board you can fine tune your experience. At max pressure, the board becomes rigid and literally acts like a skateboard. The springy surface also encourages constant micro-movements which promote better blood flow and can relax and strengthen legs and feet.

Large Wurf Board featuredLarge Wurf Board featured

The Wurf Board is made of high quality, drop stitched PVC, the same material used to make inflatable paddle boards and comes in three different sizes. While initial pricing is a bit high, starting at close to $200, Publicover states the boards will last for many, many years thanks to the high quality materials being used. The board is currently being funded on Kickstarter, so if you're interested in purchasing these for yourself or office, make sure to check out their campaign.