X-Pot Is The Best New Line Of Outdoor Cooking Gear For Family Camping Trips

“What’s for dinner?” I and so many other parents hear this question every night. Kids even have the nerve to expect meals while on vacation. Camping, backpacking, or day trips to the mountain are popular family destinations. Whatever your choice of escape and whether you get there by RV or minivan, you need to eat. Bringing your own food along might be necessary and it also saves money, but the pots and pans needed to prepare the food do not save you much space. The innovative new cooking gear from Sea to Summit will solve this problem with their award winning X-Pot Cooking Gear.

If vacation is at a campsite, the top of a mountain, or filled with pit stops at highway rest areas, cooking dinner is a little more challenging. Winner of National Geographic’s Gear of the Year Award and Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, Sea to Summit X-Pots will make things easier. X-Pots are lightweight and collapsible cooking pots, so the challenge may be finding them. The three different X-Pot sizes, 1.4 L, 2.8 L, or 4.0 L, are no bigger than five inches tall and 10 inches in diameter when not in use. They also offer a handy 5-piece Set.

The X-Pots are made in several cool colors and out of BPA free, food grade silicone. The silicone is heat resistant, but should not be exposed directly to a flame. The silicone makes for flexible storage, but the aluminum bottom makes for even and quick heating. And the stainless steel ring in the rim gives the X-Pot extra rigidity for stirring, pouring, and lifting. Each pot comes with a lid which has a built in strainer.

The X-Pot has a few cousins too. The X-Pot/Kettle, X-Cup, and X-Bowl are perfect additions to your home kitchen away from home. The X-Cup and X-Bowl are unbreakable, colorful, and perfectly sized for little campers. To add to the convenience, the X-Pot/Kettle and X-Cup are also marked with liquid measuring units.

Here’s the best part: the X-Pots are specifically designed to hold multiple X-Cups and X-Bowls and are kept in place with the pot’s handles as they fold over and lock onto the lid. Imagine kitchen themed nesting dolls and you have Sea to Summit’s idea of cooking gear. With the number of sippy cups and kid-friendly dishes I have taking up my kitchen space, I’m thinking I need these for home. I’m just not quite ready to take my three young kids camping.

But since plenty of you are up for family weekends at camp, X-Pot might be the best new line of outdoor cooking gear you don’t have yet. And if all of this innovation hasn’t impressed you yet, let me mention a couple of more things. X-Pots are so light that your kids can carry them instead of you, leaving room in your pack to slip in a book or anything else that isn’t the cooking stuff. You’ll be seeing that soon enough.

And when you get up early to enjoy a sunrise with that book you packed? Making a cup of tea or coffee won’t sound like the chains of Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve. The sound of soft silicone won’t wake the kids, and you’ll be able to enjoy some quiet time. You deserve a little vacation on those family camping trips too. You can buy X-Pots on Amazon here.

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