X9 Follow: Golf Trolley That Follows You

X9 FollowX9 Follow

Who wants to carry their own golf clubs around the course? That's what caddies and golf carts are for right? Well, now there's a third option. The X9 Follow is the first golf trolley that will follow you around the course. It's like having a R2D2 as a caddy.

So how does it work? With sensors and a remote. Just press "Follow" on the handset and the X9 will follow you at your pace. When you've reached your ball and stop to take a shot, it will stop. When you start walking again, it will resume following you. All you need is that remote. 

X9 ZonesX9 Zones

The X9 has two sensor zones and the unit senses the handset device. Don't expect the X9 to follow you without having the remote on your person. When the remote moves out of the X9's neutral zone and into its active zone, the unit will follow, and when the remote is back in range of the neutral zone, it will stop (a sort-of rubber band effect). 

The Golf Trolley That Follows YouThe Golf Trolley That Follows You

You can also use the remote to control the unit manually. Just press any of the directional buttons on the handset and the unit will switch to remote mode. Then, use the handset to run the machine while you're digging your ball out of the sand, looking for it in the rough or just teeing off. And let me point out that it is best to do this since the X9 can only sense its handset, not bunkers and bodies of water. You can switch the unit back into "Follow" mode once you're back in its active zone. 

Currently, the X9 is not out on the market. However, you can pre-order the machine and accessories for it through the Stewart Golf site. So if you're looking for a high-tech caddy, or if you just want something that will follow you and carry all of your baggage, check out the X9 Follow.