Xandem Lets You Detect And Locate People In Your Home

There is new and innovative technology that just hit the market that will protect and automate your home.

A team of inventors in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed Xandem Home – a system that consists of a variety of small nodes that you plug in throughout your home.

The nodes, which are small white square devices, form an invisible sensing web that work in sync with one another and which captures an entire area, even through walls and furniture using radio waves.

The technology is innovative: when movement occurs within the web, the system detects motion instantly and it locates and tracks it too.

Detect And Locate

Its gateway device, which is included when you purchase this technology, seamlessly connects to cloud, audio, lighting, and a variety of other smart home systems.

The installation process is so easy. All you need to do is plug the nodes (you get 10 or 15 nodes depending on your order) into your wall outlets throughout your home, plug the gateway into your internet connection, and then enter your activation code.

You can also draw a map of your areas with the system’s set-up tool on your computer screen, and you can drag and drop the nodes on your computer screen in the right locations on your map. Once you follow these steps, then you are good to go.

The entire system can be accessed and controlled through a smartphone, as well as a tablet or desktop.

Even better is that you can arm and disarm the system from your smartphone. The app also lets you monitor all the activity going on in your home, even when you are away, through its real-time tracking feature.

Xandem will alert you if someone enters your home. In the event an intruder finds a way into your home while you are away, the system will turn your house lights on and its siren system will blast loudly. Xandem also turns lights red during break-ins.

You will also get an instant notification on your mobile phone when there is activity going on in your house. The system will also send notifications through texts and emails.

Xandem Offers Security And Home Integration

What makes this technology even more unique is that it can be connected with PTZ security cameras and IFTTT.

As well, you can turn your heating or AC on and off through its app and you can also control your entire lighting system with one click on your smartphone or a mouse.

And this new security system is also perfect for elder care. A patient does not need to wear a tracking device and Xandem will follow and locate their every move.

So, how much does Xandem cost? It starts at $475.00 (USD) and the more nodes you order the price goes up from there.

Xandem is certainly neat technology and it will do well on the market. Homeowners nowadays love new technology that helps keep them and their families safer, and since Xandem is affordable it will be a widely sought after system by many.

Is your home equipped with technology like this?