Xbox Tech Used to Make Bots


If you are a gamer, or if you follow tech, then the odds are good that you know about the Xbox 360's Kinect feature. The set of stereoscopic cameras is used to give players an interactive feeling in the game, by allowing their body movements to control the in game character. The system, as it turns out, can be used for more than just letting the kids play with a virtual tiger.

A team of researchers at Cornell University are using the Microsoft Kinect to create a robot. They are using the ability of the Kinect's camera ability to track the movements of the human body in order to help the bot better interact with humans. The robots have, in the simulations, been able to identify humans doing some simple everyday actions. Some of the actions include: brushing their teeth, writing on a whiteboard and putting in contact lenses.

Final applications for the bot have not been identified, but there just may be robot butlers on the way soon.

Source: Extreme Tech
Image: Morgue File