Xcite Bike Blurs Line between Motorcycle and Skateboard

It seems like humans are always looking for a new and exciting way to maim themselves. We always feel the need to push our limits to the extreme and completely blow convention right out of the water. It was from this attitude that the Xcite Bike was born.

One look at the Xcite Bike and it's immediately apparent that it is inspired by the ever popular skateboard. The ride places the feet into the wheel wells and either side of the 49cc engine and balances his or her weight on the wheels. The throttle is controlled by via a small handle on the top of the bike.

The small engine makes 3 horsepower and comes equipped with a fully adjustable carburetor and an all aluminum exhaust. On a straight stretch, the Xcite Bike can reach up to 30mph. When it comes time to stop, 2 disk brakes will bring you safely to halt in no time at all.

Small pads on the body of the bike ensure that you won't kill your legs while riding over the rough terrain the Xcite Bike is made for. The wheels on the Xcite measure a full 10 inches in diameter while the tires add another 2 inches on all sides to absorb the impact of off-road riding.

The retail price for the Xcite Bike is $1,000 plus shipping and a handful of colors are available.You can find it at Amazon for less.

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