Xenith EPIC: New Innovation In Football Helmets

Xenith EPIC Football HelmetXenith EPIC Football Helmet

Xenith has been a leader in football helmet technology for some time. Its Shock Bonnet technology, introduced with its X1 helmet, reduces impact forces and helps in concussion prevention. Now, Xenith is introducing the newest member to its football helmet line, the EPIC.

Of course, the EPIC will feature the Shock Bonnet technology, which allows the shell of the helmet to move independently, deflecting energy from impacts. It will also feature Xenith's Aware Flow shock absorbers, which release air on impact. This helps minimize head movement during impact. The shock absorbers come in different heights and are strategically placed throughout the liner of the helmet to guarantee protection in all areas of the head. 

EPIC Helmet FeaturesEPIC Helmet Features

The EPIC will also have the Fit Seeker technology, which adapts to the player's head allowing for a custom fit without pumps. The new FitLock system, which is an injected foam pad providing extra comfort and fit, will also be a part of the EPIC's features. The shell geometry of the EPIC is also unique in that it allows for more ventilation than normal helmets, and the padding system of the helmet won't absorb sweat, so players will be comfortable even in the heat. 

All of these features make the Xenith EPIC a helmet that will not only provide the utmost comfort for the player, but provide advanced protection against head and neck injuries like concussions. This past year the Xenith X2E helmet was given five stars by Virginia Tech's helmet rating system and the EPIC promises to be a step up from that model.

Xenith products are available on Amazon. Unfortunately the EPIC isn't. However you can pre-order EPIC helmets through the Xenith site and they will be shipped this summer. You can also check out the Xenith site for more information on Xenith technology and products.