X-RAY Phone Gives Inside Scoop On Mobile Calls

The X-RAY Phone from Tokujin Yoshioka lets you see the inner workings of your favorite telecommunications device.

It's a simple premise - make the covers of a mobile phone transparent so that users can see and marvel at the technology contained inside. Sure, the phone still works for things like, you know, phoning, but with the X-RAY Phone, callers can also see all the blinking lights, whirring gizmos and steamed-up Internet Tubes hard at working transmitting their latest and greatest bit of information out to their cadre of friends.

"Yo dawg, I'm at the club. Also, my phone is raaaaad."

Alright, so "rad" hasn't been used in nearly two decades, but the inanity of the overall statement stands. Still, the X-RAY phone offers a unique look into a device that we take for granted, one we use everyday but don't really consider as having any other "moving parts" but the ones we see on the surface.

X-RAY phone: see it. See through it.X-RAY phone: see it. See through it. 

And Yoshioka didn't just smack some parts together to create a see-through abomination. Oh no. He carefully chose and optimized the items located in the X-RAY Phone for best visual effect, and so that users could see the maximum amount of technological goodness with a minimum a biological orb strain.

The phone can light up in a variety of clever ways, giving the user a conversation piece in their hand beyond its simple and straightforward use as a, well, conversation piece.


Source: Yanko Design