X-Ray Pinup Calendar Is More Than Just Skin Deep

In its new 2010 calendar for EIZO, a Japanese company that makes medical imaging high precision displays for the examination and diagnosis of radiographs, the Butter advertising agency breaks through taboos old and new to show off monthly models who aren't just thin, they're positively bony!

The fashion world has been heavily criticized of late for its historic preference for skeletally skinny models so we're not sure if Butter's calendar mocks, embraces or simply ignores the whole issue.

According to Matthias Eickmeyer, Butter's Creative Director, "Whereas craftsmen are showered with pin-up-calendars at the end of every year, this kind of present is less popular among medics." Indeed, when was the last time you saw a pinup calendar in your doctor's waiting room?

The radiographic calendar for EIZO breaks this taboo by exposing, er, a different side of the provocatively posed models clothed in nothing but a pair of high-heeled pumps. In short, says Eickmeyer, "This pin-up calendar shows absolutely every detail."  And it's showing it again for 2011: EIZO is re-releasing the x-ray pinup calendar for 2011, available at EIZO (within Germany only) for 69,90 euros each.

All those who, as young lads, always wished they could look at girls with x-ray eyes, sorry to burst your bubble. When reality bites, it bites right to the bone. (via Advertolog and Gigazine)

Jun 21, 2010
by Anonymous


full body x-ray? how? wide depth of field? how? fakes.

Jun 21, 2010
by Steve Levenstein
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Does it matter how the

Does it matter how the images were produced? You're missing the whole point. These aren't diagnostic x-rays, nor are they evidence in a criminal trial. In cases like those, their authenticity would matter. This is a pinup calendar for medical professionals, nothing more and nothing less. Lighten up, Francis!

Jun 21, 2010
by Anonymous

I think it's awsome, and I

I think it's awsome, and I do believe they are real due to it being an advertisement for the imaging company, false advertisement laws go into play if they are doctored too much.

Mar 2, 2011
by Anonymous

Doubting it

I read xrays on a daily basis and I'm doubtful these are 100% true xrays. i use a digital xray and read digital xray films and spent nearly 300hrs in class room learning to read xrays as part of my doctorate education and have 5 years of practice experience. The breast soft tissue is inconsistent and if you can see breasts but no heart or other soft tissue shadows I doubt its real. Additionally you may see a nipple on film but an areola, there is not enough difference in the density of tissue to give that detail, especially without seeing other details of the person such as nose, skin/fat shadow, trachea, intestines, gas, or hair. Over all they are interesting but fabricated between xray and photoshop-like modifications.

Aug 4, 2011
by Anonymous

so what

you point being?

Jun 13, 2012
by Anonymous

Do pinup calendars still exist?

Clever concept for radiologists -- after all, what more can you take off after you're naked? Your skin, perhaps?

I guess pinup calendars are still around in Japan and Europe... but here in the US, they haven't been seen in the workplace in decades. I've been working in offices since the mid-'80s, and even back then, you'd be reprimanded if not fired if you hung a "girlie" or "hunk" calendar or poster in your cube.