Dinosaur Action Figures + Online Play = Xtractaurs

Toys that combine a physical dynamic with a computerized element are becoming something of a trend for Mattel.  The Dora Links Doll or the line of toys based on the blockbuster film Avatar are great examples of these types of toys (see Mattel's Avatar Toys Put Virtual Reality in the Palm of Your Hand for more information).

In keeping with this trend, Mattel has developed Xtractaurs.

Starter KitStarter Kit

These cool looking dinosaur action figures hold a secret in their "DNA" that unlocks a variety of online features.  I think this commercial says it all:

When you "extract" the "DNA" from the dinosaur, you create a link to the computer, transferring data to Mattel's web site.  Essentially the DNA extraction gun is just a USB cable.  This allows you to battle the evil Megavores (which, I'm assuming are dinosaurs that eat a lot; I've been known to be a megavore when pizza is involved) and play puzzles and arcade games.


As you get more Xtractaurs you unlock more games and more attack powers.  Much of this is done by combining the dinosaur figures to make new, hybrid monsters.  With fifteen different Xtractaurs available, that's quite a large number of combinations!

Grrrr! right back at ya...Grrrr! right back at ya...

Keep in mind that the Starter Kit is necessary in order to use any of the Xtractaurs... so it's a mandatory purchase.  I suppose that makes more sense than including the extractor gun and computer CD with each toy...

And I'm not a big fan of the graphics used in game-play.  They appear quite cheap.  Why couldn't more photo-realism be employed here?  It would definitely draw kids further into the game.

While these toys look really cool, I can't figure out if you're playing against the computer or if you can go head-to-head with another kid battling with his own dinosaur hybrid.  And the following commercial is quite exciting - though perhaps a bit misleading:

Let's just suppose that this ad could be taken at face value.  That's a horrific thought.  Just look at the chaos these creatures caused in the Jurrasic Park films!  Now imagine kids in charge of these critters...

It would be the end of the world.

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Feb 28, 2012
by Anonymous

not working

my son got an xtractaurs for his b day an it is not working

Jun 8, 2012
by Anonymous


bought t-rex xtractaurs kit for my son on his birthday as well from ollie's bargain outlet and isn't working either grrrrr.......what is the solution????

Jun 25, 2012
by Anonymous

xtractaurs is a rip off

i got my god son a xtractaurs and the website couldnt be found....therefore it doesn't work. what a rip off!!