XYN Bike Was Inspired By The Wings Of A Butterfly

XYN Bike is certainly a unique design. This conceptual electric bike, designed by Ishaan Bharat, borrows its shape and soft flowing lines from the butterfly. Not only is it nice to look at, it is solar powered and environmentally friendly.

XYN BikeXYN Bike


XYN Bike (pronounced "zine") embodies the principles of simplicity and sustainable mobility. Influenced by a butterfly's wings, the simple design is eye-catching and yet a bit on the flamboyant side. From the spoke-less wheels to the encased chain, the bike doesn't hint at the power "under the hood." Its shape is unique, and at the same time functional.

For example, the canopy on XYN Bike, as a design element, sends the eyes completely around the bike. It gives the bike a appearance similar to a small car, and at the same time it serves to give a little protection from the elements, and it houses the solar panels that power the bike. 

Inspired By The Wings Of A ButterflyInspired By The Wings Of A Butterfly


As I mentioned, XYN Bike features a canopy that houses solar panels. The solar panels provide the XYN's engine with the power it requires to run. If you prefer to use the bike as a pedal bike, or if you run out of juice, the pedals and some muscle power will also run the bike. The pedals also house the bike's braking mechanism that works when the bike is in either solar power mode or pedal mode. 

XYN also features LED lights and spoke-less wheels. It has headlights, rear lights and brake lights. The spoke-less wheels work using two gears--one fitted as a strip on the inside of the wheel and the other attached to the wheel's fender. 

XYN Bike FeaturesXYN Bike Features

A bike is one of the world's greenest modes of transportation. An electric bike still maintains the "green status," while giving the rider the option of having a less sweaty ride. XYN Bike, with its solar powered, electric motor is not only a stunningly designed vehicle, it is environmentally and user friendly. Though it's only in its conceptual stages, perhaps this design could be the future of electric bikes.